Can these be performed without a glute-ham raise machine?
Unfortunately my gym doesn't have one
I've tried hip extensions, which I thought at the time was a glute-ham raise, until I thought about it... Rotation point was my hips, and I was moving my upper body upwards. (Hip extension). I did it by putting my knees on a bench, with my feet pushing upwards on a bar at bench height behind me.
One problem i've got too, is that when I have tried a pure hamstring raise in the past, I can't do it. (the one where knee is rotation point) Is there any way to lighten the load (instead of increasing it :P )? Or should I just keep SLDL'ing until they get stronger...
Theres also a leg curl thing machine at my gym (hamstring thing) where you lie on your front and curl your legs to your ass. Would that be worth a try?

How do I perform hamstring or glute-ham raises without a glute-ham raise thingey.