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Thread: a couple of unrealted questions

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    a couple of unrealted questions

    Since these are all generally unrelated to each other I decided to put them in this topic.

    1) How does the chest build? I began with 0, like seriously no mass on my chest. Ive noticed great improvements on my "upper" chest, but not the lower part. I kinda want that cut at the bottom. Any specific lift that can help with that? Or does it take along time?

    2) I've seen a few things about how whne you first start lifting you see big gains, then it levels out for a while then you start gaining again. Is this tue? If so, how long does the leveled off stage exist?

    3) Also im confused about all these supplements. Does someone like me in need of some? or are they for hardcore people. Would a good daily vitamin be benifical? Cause right now I dont take anything.

    Ansewer one or all questions, thanks for your time.
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    1) declined bench press could help here, or reducing ovaral BF %
    What BF% are you now?

    2) Yes at first you will notice gains before you hit at standing point, changing routines,diets & suplments can help this

    3) "Does someone like me in need of some? "
    What are your training backround,stats age?
    You should be taking in a multi vit, vit B complex, 3 grams vit c daily, flax and cod oils,aminos to name just a few

    You want dextrose and protien post workout
    Then theres creatine

    man do a search,
    I could go on all day
    To get good at most things takes 2-4 years i.e BodyBuilding, Martial Arts, Musical Instrements ect.
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