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Thread: fast twitching muscles

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    fast twitching muscles

    hi, juss wonderin how would i develop fast twitching muscles, especially for my legs (wanna jump higher). Would i need to do a lot of low weight & high rep sets? and how low is low weight, and when do i increase the weights.

    ps. wat is HIIT exercise, my cardio is juss 20 minutes, but i tried to change intensity, so it is like high intensity cardio. Is there difference btw wat i'm doing and HIIT program?

    please advise, thanks!

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    Do squats, jump squats, other jumping exercises, whatever they may be. In other words, to get better at jumping...jump.

    Read the sticky HIIT thread for all your HIIT needs. If you still have questions, fire away.
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    A prime factor would be that, regardless of the amount of weight you are lifting, you are 'attempting' to lift it quickly. Nate gave you some good examples of exercises to look into. I'm big on jump squats. You should also look into plyometrics. But, like Nate said, if you want to get better at jumping, than jump. Developing strength with exercises such as squats and lunges can help too (remember to try and perform them 'explosively').
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    squats are a must. Box squats, especially speed box squats will help greatly.

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