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Thread: west side for skinnny bastards part 3 for nooobs

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    west side for skinnny bastards part 3 for nooobs

    how well do you think this routine would work for a nooby lifter like me? i am18 6ft1 i weight 168lbs. i have boxed and wrestled consistently all throughout highschool. i never really lifted for a long period of time only once ina while with the team and in senior year i stuck with mark rippetoes routine for a while and got alot stronger. last semester i tried starting a program but never really stuck with it. I have lost about 10 lbs since end of senior year and am clearly alot weaker i really want to get my old body back and am really going to work hard at it. how do you think this routine will be for me or do you think i would be better with a differnt routine? thanks alot.

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    It's a great program. Give it a shot for a couple of months, then you'll know for yourself.

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    I'm on it right now but I've been lifting seriously for about 3 years I'm now at 285/420/425 B/S/D.

    Its a great routine however, you may want to start with V.1 or 2 before you start V.3.
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    yaaa thats what i was thinking as a noob i should start at 1 or 2 since its only 3x a weeek instead of 4

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    We did version 3 about a year ago for a year. When I first started lifting, we were going four days a week and I had no problems. I just ate enough calories and didn't overdue things in the gym to hinder recovery.

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    I think the original versions were aimed at athletes who would also be doing conditioning or some sort of sports training at the same time, thus they were only 3 days per week. If you aren't an athlete in a sport, then 4 days a week shouldn't be a problem.

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