One question.

I am currently trying to build a good muscle base so I can compete at the heavier levels in 2004-05, I am 6,2, so I really got no option but to become heavy, going for really ripped at 6,2 is silly.

I also want my bench press strength to go up, but at the same time I want to continue to gain muscle.

When I was a bit heavier bodyfat and benched more times a week, I could do high reps with 270+, now I gotta stay at 270 to squeeze out like 7reps.

1. I know if I start to bench 3 times a week, then 2 times a week then 3 times a week, my strength will go up fast.

2. But this wont be ideal for my muscle gain, as I also have to eat alot and gain bodyfat.

So my idea was this :

I now bench at mondays, 4sets, 5-6reps, and then train triceps on Fridays.

The thing is, the question is!, if I bench normally at mondays, and do narrow close grip benches at fridays for triceps, will it have the same effect as benching twice a week has on strenght, or will it have much the same effect as one time a week, and make my muscle overtrained and grow more slowly??

Anybody got any answers?