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Thread: running weight balance

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    running and lifting

    Hi guys, I've been lifting weight just to kind of stay in shape but recently i've been really working out after talking to a trainer to get bigger.

    the problem is that I am on the ultimate frisbee team (yes it IS a sport, please don't tease...) and right now we practice 3 days a week for an hour and a half. in the spring, practices will go to 5 days a week. Basically during that whole time I am sprinting very hard. so my question is, how does this affect my weight lifting? Will it make it hard or impossible to gain size? Should I choose one or the other? Just eat more?
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    provided your caloric intake is greater than your expenditure you will gain weight. Just make sure you eat bucket loads of food

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    If you are playing a sport that requires a lot of running, then you *need* the aerobic training as well as the strength training....they are complementary for your performance. If your practices are later in the day, lift in the morning (or vice versa) and make sure you are taking in enough calories to support your activity level.

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    If you want to build a bigger house, you need more raw materials. Training won't help without increasing your food intake. So that's what you gotta do. If you can afford to, grab some of those carb gel packs for during your practices, this will help provide energy and also give your body an alternative fuel source rather than catabolizing good mass. Unless you are a fatty, in which case, let yourself drop some bodyfat first. In any case, to increase size you must increase diet.
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    i used to be overweight by a little but now i consider myself about in good shape for my natural stocky size.
    The thing is that I always hear not to train more than one big muscle group at a time, so I didn't know if running a lot then doing a chest workout would make it so my body wouldn't be able to compensate for both.
    thanks for the info

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    I would just try to maximize the time between *lifting* and *running*. 6 hours at least, if you can manage it.


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