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Thread: Spam will not make Weaksauce stronger...the beginning.

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    Spam will not make Weaksauce stronger...the beginning.

    Okay. I am going to need alot of help even though I've been lifting for a couple of years. Please don't spam. PLEASE DON'T SPAM. I think I have miles and miles to learn - I'd love to have the input.

    Here we go:

    M0: Honey bunches of oats + chicken breast.
    M1: 2 Chicken breasts, whole wheat bread (2)
    M2: Can of tuna, whole wheat bread (1)
    M3: Hamburgers (2) .
    M4: Fruits and veggies + steak

    Snacks throughout day: 1-2 packs of beef jerky (oberto ) + mixed nuts all day.

    Workout today - just started up again:

    Standing one arm curls: 4 sets, 45 x 7
    Against the wall: 3 sets, 40x5

    Military press: 1 set, 115 x 7, 3 sets, 135 x 7
    Dumbell raises (?): 3 sets x 25 each arm x 10 may go :WT!!!?: Please do. I am going to need help with regiment and dieting even though I've read up.


    You guys ever worry about your health? Putting down a steak a day + 3, 4 chicken breasts, + hamburger patties + cans of in and day out must be hard on your body.

    I'm not just talking about eating lean varieties of these foods... I'm talking about just eating so much quantity.

    Here's my plan:

    M: Back, Calves
    T: Calisthenics, forearms, bi's
    W: Tris, forearms, Abs
    Th: Legs (calves again)
    F: Abs, calisthenics
    Sat: Shoulders, biceps
    Sunday: Chest, Tris, Abs

    Input is heavily desired - at any point during the week, I may train legs again since they are lagging (leg break awhile ago slowed things down alot).

    NOT SPAM. Thanks in advance .


    I'd like to have a very Men's fitness body :-/ much as that may or may not be frowned upon in this forum. A bit heavy in the arms and chest, solid legs, ripped abs... It's just that I don't think you'll see many mainland Asians... IF ANY, that have that build. Thanks all.
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    Alright, here is my input.

    I would really change that routine, you need more rest IMO.

    I would go will something like a basic push/pull/legs split or a 4 day split something like this.


    You can switch the days around if you like.

    Diet looks alright, what are your current short term goals, ie cut bulk etc.
    Diet is key, the calorie is king

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    u a fob or abc?
    imma abc myself
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    Age: 21
    Weight: 178
    Height: 5'9"
    Arms: 16.0"
    Calves: 15.5"
    Bench: 300+


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