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    The Every Other Day Journal


    Without going into great detail, I am returning to the gym after what I consider to be a lengthy hiatus. This is the perfect time to experiment and do something different than I have ever done before. I'd like to try something different than what everyone else does as well. And what I am about to try is unique in and of itself. Meanwhile, I can share the results from the experiment.
    I want to thank everybody for the opportunity to share my journal in which I have plans or intentions on working out every other day, meaning, I have no plans or intentions on working out everyday or on consecutive days. I have also come to the conclusion that I have absolutely no desire to do whole body workouts. Neither do I want to split my body in half. Nor do I wish to split my body in 3 ways, or 4 ways for that matter - it is actually more like 5. Therefore, in my opinion, the 5 ways split (legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms) is the better program if not one of the best when going all out. Since I am presently not willing to do this on consecutive days, my workouts will have to take place every other day, thereby forcing me to wait 10 days between sessions for each body part. I know this may be a stretch and I might be going overboard in some ways, but my only recourse is to wait and see what happens. Then if I don't like it I can make some adjustments. And the key for me is to share my experience, so without further adieu I present to you The Every Other Day Journal.


    2-3 monday
    warmup: 1/2 mi-9 min (3.7 speed/10% incline)
    db press: 30x12,40x8,50x2,50x2,50x2
    seated press machine: 70x8,80x6,90x5,100x2,100x3
    db lateral raise: 25x8,30x6,30x6,30x6,35x3
    bent over raise: 30x8,30x8,35x6,35x6
    rear delt machine: 70x8,80x5,80x5,80x4
    db shrugs: 70x8,70x10,80x8,80x8
    shrug bar: 125x8,125x8,125x8
    seated lateral machine: 80x8,90x6,90x6

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    I have a good friend who works out every other day as well, but I think he does his body in 4 parts and not 5. He swears this is the absolute best way to train for natural folks. And he competes so it can't be all that bad.

    Good luck.
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