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Thread: Stronger without getting bigger ?

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    Stronger without getting bigger ?

    Who's getting stronger and NOT bigger or even is losing muscular size ?

    or who train for strength and don't become bigger ?

    PLEASE post your training habbits (I mean sets per bodypart and , rep range and how many times you hit each muscle per week)

    Since 4 month I do HIT, low volume (1 set per exercise, 6-10 reps, hit each muscle 1-2x per week) and high intensity, every set to failure. My strength increased a lot but I'm not bigger, nothing ! and I train for size (only).

    for example when I was on a sort of GVT I did barbell curl and triceps extension with 25-28kg for 10x10 !!! Ridiculous weights isn't it ? and could curl ~8 reps with 39kg and less on triceps extension.

    Since I do HIT my Curl went to 7x54kg and my extension to 16x39kg I nearly gained 15kg on my curl.... but arms are not bigger !!

    the same thing for other lifts and others muscles !!!
    I started HIT I was able to do 15 Pullups now I can do 7 with 25kg attached... but I'm not bigger

    -------- If I continue with HIT.... I should say : if +15kg on my curl in not enough for bigger arms then I need to gain another 15kg.... maybe but............. maybe NOT !!!! maybe I could grow faster with light weights.....10x10...

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    Sounds like you want bigger arms. A general rule of thumb is for each inch on your arms you should expect a 15-20 pound gain in bodyweight. Try Chris Mason's arm routine. HIT is not the best routine for size. I have trained on many programs over the years (mostly HIT variations) and while I experienced good gains in strength, size and mass came very slowly. I train one bodypart a week, using low volume. If you want exact details, check out my journal.
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