Hey guys,
TOday was my first ever Legit powerlifting meet. It was an awesome experience, with a few scares. I had a great time and got even more experience. First off, a little info. There were 12 schools competing. Our school was only 1 of 3 2A schools, the rest were 3A-5A. I weighed in at 198 exactly, and competed in the 198's. There were approx. 25-30 people in my weight class. The meet started at 7AM and ended at 5:30PM. I used only a INzer Champion squat suit and knee wraps, and a borrowed inzer shirt, which actually hurt me more than it helped.

Squats- 290/315/325 315 FINAL

These squats were pretty good in my book. The first two were good for 2 whites and one red, I didn't have my hands closed around the bar the first time, and the second time, I leaned forward when racking instead of stepping forward. The 325, was going great, until halfway up, then something happened and I just couldn't get it. This lift really hurt my left elbow, because the weight started falling off, the spotters were slow, and it really jerked my arm back at an awkard angle.

Bench press- 220/230/230

This was a HUGE dissapointment. I borrowed a Single ply blast shirt from a friend that was on another team. The thing was a little tight. I got down to do 220, but I couldn't get it all the way down to my chest, NO LIFT. I then went to 230, but the shirt TOTALLY messed me up, and I coudln't get it past the half way mark. On the third attempt, it was DO or DIE. I took off the shirt, got psyched up, and just totally smoked 230 like NOTHING. Here is about 15-20lbs. I sacrificed. My elbow was really bothering me here too.

Deadlift- 315/355/380 380 FINAL

These were VERY good. The 315 was like a warm up. The 355 was a little slower, but still smoked. I used conventional from on the first two, then on the 3rd lift I changed to sumo form. I probably coudl have gotten it with conventinoal form, but I didn't want to take any chances. It was pretty easy too. I think I am good for about 405 at my next meet.

PLACE- 3rd

The 2nd place finisher was a Junior, and 1st place was a senior that went to state last year. His total was 1150.

There was a great deal of excitement in the Superheavy weights. This HUGE FAT black dude, opened with an UNREAL 650lbs. Then he went to 685, and smoked it. He ended with 700. The crowd went absolutely NUTS. THis wasn't then end. From out of nowhere, this MASSIVE white dude, squats 710LBS!!!!!! I swear, this guy could be indentical twins with Paul Childress. He looked so much like him, it was scary.

This was an EXTREMELY fun day, and I loved it. I don't know if or when our next meet is.