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Thread: Some newbie questions

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    Some newbie questions

    Hey guys,

    New to the board. Have some questions which I'm sure you all have seen at one point in time, sorry if they seem stupid. I just started lifting, about a month and a half ago. To build initial muscle, I've been doing primarily machines. I go every other day, and exercise most all the major muscle groups, lower and upper body. Since I had very low muscle mass to begin with, I've seen enough improvement to make me feel like I'm doing some good. I have seen a lotta people say they exercise their major muscle groups no more than once, or twice a week. I do so about 4 times a week. Are there ramifications to this? Approximately how long should the muscles "rest"? And for all of those people who will suggest free weights, I am attempting to make that transition with a buddy who knows what exercises to do.
    Yeah anyway answers to those questions and any tips for a novice would be great thanks for your help!

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    I never took a day off at all the first three weeks when i started, but only was doing legs once a week. I think smaller muscles dont take as long to recover, I wasn't walking around sore and miserable. I noticed good strength gains, although i credit some to just getting proper form/balance down on my lifts. People are going to say you wont get really strong or big from only machines, the majority is after size and strength on here, not to just look "decent." Also its important for you to say if you are going to full failure or not. Some programs ask to go almost to failure and do more sets more often thru the week. I am lifting at home and most of the time by myself no spot so that is what ive been doing out of safety reasons
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    Indian - post your exact routine (excercises, sets, reps) and we can tell you if it's any good. Don't work any muscle group more than twice a week max. More isn't always better.


    Diet is important, make sure you're getting a lot of protein and avoid fast food. Take a look in the Diet forum to get a good idea of what kind of foods you should be eating.
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    Id recommend a full body workout with basic exercises each time for a time period of say 6 months for a newbie.
    2-3 times a week, maybe even 4 times.
    Just to get the body used to heavy movement and the exercises that builds mass.

    If bodybuilding is your main thing, this could be it. This method can also be used for the sport of power lifting as well.

    Otherwise Id do a split training schedule at start; Never workout the same muscle group 2 a week. Work out 3-4 maybe even 5 times a week. 4 exercises x 3 sets.
    Why wait longer than necessary.
    What the heck....

    Just be sure u dont overdo anything in the gym and take it easy with every exercise learn them before u do them, dont push yourself over the top and get injured. No one wants to get injured in the beginning !
    Ask ppl, maybe even the coach at your gym, around u how to do the exercise properly and correct before u do it yourself without proper knowledge.

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    Thanks for the help guys... I appreciate it!


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