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Thread: Adding new REVOLUTIONARY type of exercise to my routine

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    Adding new REVOLUTIONARY type of exercise to my routine

    Ok, I lied, its not revolutionary. But it caught your attention didn't it

    Anyways, summer is about 16 weeks away. Starting this week, me and my buds will be playing a game every week till the end of sumemr we created called deathball. Its a good ole manly sport that only the most aggressive people are any good at. There's a big group of us, and we're making our own little tourney thing. Its basically a combo of football and soccer in water about 3-5 feet deep, and play doesn't stop until someone scores. You can only pass the ball sideways or backwards, but you can hand off any direction. The goal is to slam and hold the ball down in a goal on the concrete on the side of the pool and hold it there for at least a second. You can do anything but intentionally punch kick knee elbow etc. someone... or drown them. Lotsa heavy contact and throwing around. It usually takes anywhere from 30 seconds-3 minutes before someone scores, and that is 20 seconds-3 minutes of nonstop action. Anyways enough of my ranting about the game, I'm TRAINING for this. That's right, call me a nerd! Its fun!

    Basically the plan is, after summer from now on I will be doing heavy weightlifting like I've always done focussed on putting on as much mass and strength as I can for the 'season' hah. Around January, I will incorperate endurence and areobic training somewhat into my routine, hoping to end up in great shape for deathball around summer, not to mention being cut and tan and bigger and stronger than I was the year before.

    I have already sorta started with the areobic/endurence thing. 3 or 4 times a week I'll be doing a workout that is somethin like this-
    hyperextensions- 30 reps
    Light squats - 15 reps
    OH press - 15 reps
    Pullups- 5 reps
    Dips- 6 reps
    Pullups- 4 reps
    Pushups- 12 reps
    Calf raises- 30 reps
    High jumps- 10 reps
    Some kind of ab work- 20 reps
    Farmers walk- 1 minute

    And repeat the whole thing non-stop 3 or 4 times, then go straight to sprints with hardly any rest, with jumps and pushups etc in between.

    I know this seems kinda crazy and pointless, but let me explain what I'm trying to do with this.

    First off, none of those lifts are maximal, or very close to it at all. I go till the muscle is slightly fatigued or burning then run to the next exercise.

    The idea is that while a muscle is working hard it burns more calories. When you run distance or something similar, your leg muscles are not working very hard. You burn alot of calories, but mostly its because your heartrate is so high. But, what if you were to do a workout over maybe 15-20 minutes that had your muscles working much harder because of the added weights and exercises, and your heart working hard because of the hard constant reps and having to supply oxygen to the many large muscle groups that are working in the exercises.

    So i might do some pushups and dips and my heart will be pumpin blood to my chest and shoulders and triceps, but suddenly im doin squats and the heart also has to pump alot of blood to the posterior chain now. Then after all the exercises going to something aneorobic like sprinting then maybe doing a longer distance more areobic type thing.

    With weights just heavy enough to get me out of breath and such a long 'set' of exercises over and over it seems like it would create the need for alot of areobic adaption, but correct me if im wrong. The only problem I could think of is that the weights would be too heavy.

    My goal is to build up some endurence in all the major muscle groups and build up my areobic strength, and to burn a TON of fat. Since its a shorter workout it wouldn't create as many of the harmful horomones that marathoners etc. get, the idea is that hopefully since I'm already doing heavy lifting on other days, my body will retain as much of the muscle as possible since it is needed in that aspect, and fat will be utilized more for energy.

    Please give me your advice, thoughts, anything!

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    This is called PHA as in Peripheral Heart Action. It was 'invented' by Bob Gadja sometime in the late 60's/early 70's. Circuit training like this has its benefits but here have been some studies showing that it's better to split your training and do pure cardio and pure weight sessions rather than trying to mix them. Since you'll be doing lifting on "other days" (just 3 days a week left) there is the definite possibility that you'll overtrain... big time.
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    Would I be alright if I did it only say twice a week, and maybe upped cals some?

    More opinions please :P

    Keep in mind this isn't just for cardio and max strength. Right now I'm looking to build up alot of overall endurence.


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