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Thread: HIIT+ Leg Day

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    HIIT+ Leg Day

    Today I started HIIT, which is awesome by the way. Having not done cardio for a while (due to my knee injury) I suspect I may be a bit sore from the cardio. Unfortunately tomorrow is leg day, and I was just wondering if this would conflict in any way with tomorrow's leg day? Does anyone else have this problem?

    Also on a different topic, I want to try WBB routine #1, but I'm not sure if it is strictly for beginning bodybuilders, or if more intermediate/advanced bodybuilders would also benefit from routine #1. Thanks for the help.

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    I wouldn't do HIIT the day before training legs.

    Yes, anyone can use the WBB routine
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    I agree. I just did HIIT yesterday after not doing cardio for a quite a while, and my legs are pretty sore today, no way I'd even think about squatting the next day after HIIT.

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