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Thread: My Trainer Meeting

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    Originally posted by PaulB
    think you are all giving this guy crap. any routine if you stick to it will help you a TON. working your abs everyday WILL make them stronger. didnt you guys wrestle, play football or swim in highschool???? yeah if you sit there and go to failure everyday then keep pushing yourself past that i can see you losing some mass. other than that, go for it.

    wrestling in high school. 6 days a week, 2 and a half hours a day. little to eat. 15% body fat to under 10. weight: from 109lbs to 117lbs in 3 months. and yes everyone gets fat after the season ends.
    Competitive wrestlers and non-competitive bodybuilders have very different goals. What works for you does not apply to him...or for that matter us. You have to make a weight limit, which is probably why you said "little to eat". We're not interested in making a weight limit. We are interested in gaining mass, so is rodent. If you think our advice is crap...well no one is forcing you to stay and read it.
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