Hey, you...yes I'm talking to you, the person who just clicked on this thread!

Hello and welcome to The Maestro's online training journal, where you will get an exclusive look at the way I train, what I eat, and what my philosophy on life is all about!

I hope you will enjoy your stay. I am looking forward to getting some feeback from you guys.

First things first, though. Have two quick questions before I get started.

1) Would any of you fine gentlemen care to inform me which website is the best for purchasing a weight belt ( the kind where I can put weights on, for dips and chins, I already have a regular weight belt)? I have searched a lot of sites and found different prices and different materials that they are made from.

2) I am wondering if I should buy some wrist weights. I’m not sure if you know what I mean by “wrist weights”, so I will explain. They are little 2.5lb weights that you put on kind of like a watch. Now, the reason why I am asking is because the gym that I am a member of only has DB s that go up by 5lbs. So my question is, if I put on one of these tiny 2.5lbs wrist weights, and I pick up a 85lb DB, together it will be 87.5lbs, correct? For some reason I’m not sure if with the wrist weights I would actually be lifting an extra 2.5lbs, because it’s on the wrist, like a watch.

Before going any further, I’d like to talk about a book which I have recently finished reading. I’m sure some of you guys have read it, too, so I’d like to get your opinions on it. I just finished reading “Maximize Your Training” Edited by Matt Brzycki. After reading this book I have changed the way I train, essentially I have lowered the quantity of sets I do and the amount of days I train.

Interesting quote from the book that I‘d like to share: “Research has shown repeatedly that it takes only one properly performed set to stimulate improvements in strength.”

Another quote which I found to be worthy of note: “Intensity - that is, the amount of effort applied to each set - supersedes volume when it comes to producing results.” That’s just two of the many things that I have learned from this book (by far the best book on working out).

I have come up with a new and improved plan - both for training and diet.

THE PLAN: Up to this point I was doing low sets, only 2 sets per exercise, so now I have basically cut the amounts of sets I do by half.

My workout split is:

Monday - Legs
Thursday - Upper body
Friday - abs (ha, takes like 5min)

Before that I was on a 3 day split:
Monday - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Wednesday - Legs
Friday - Back/Traps/Rear delts/Biceps/Forearms

I just started training this new way about 3 weeks ago………and already my lifts have gone up!

O.K., so that’s all for the training section. Now for the diet.

I think that the largest factor that was holding me back from gaining muscle in the gym was actually my diet. I wasn’t eating too little….I was eating too much! Let me clarify. When I first joined this site everyone was like “you have to eat, eat and eat, and eat more, its all about the diet.”

But not many people talked about the intensity! So I ate 6 clean meals a day thinking that I would get big just from the diet (and training of course). I did get big….but in the wrong place! LOL!

At one point I was like 245lbs, and I just barely got accepted to the navy because my body fat level was at like 22%. I did lose about 60lbs in boot camp, but I also lost a lot of muscle and strength. After boot camp I was still obsessed with my body building diet, taking food with my everywhere, the store, the movie theater, all kinds of different establishments. But I wasn’t putting as much effort into my training as I was into my diet.

All right, so you’re wondering where I am going with all of this, and rightly so.

The point I’m trying to make here is that it’s not just about the diet (I‘m talking about my own experiences here, not other WBB members), it’s also about the intensity!
I’m putting a lot more effort into training now, and less into my diet.
I’m lifting more weight and doing more reps each time I step into the gym.

I eat 5 or 6 times a day (clean meals still), but I’m not obsessed with food anymore, like I used to be. If I miss a meal it’s NO BIG DEAL. I’m no longer bothered by that, thinking that I HAVE to eat every 2 to 2.5 hours, nothing is going to happen if my next meal is going to be in 3 or EVEN 3.5 hours. Being able to eat whenever I want feels great, I actually feel like I have more power now.

Know why? Because I’m the boss, apple sauce! That’s right. That ain’t not typo.
I’m not a slave to the magazines’ “you have to eat every 2 hours” articles anymore.

I will officially start the journal, posting my diet and training exercises on Monday, because that‘s when I work out.

Stay tuned and feel free to post any comments and/or advice.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, one more thing.

I’m selling two books, “Ultimate Bodybuilding” by Joe Weider and “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” by Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are used (obviously) and have things highlighted and circled in them. Both books are huge, and by huge I mean like 500 and 700 pages, respectively. They have hundreds of pics and details on how to do the exercises, so they are perfect for beginners.