Ok, this all may sound stupid but I wanted to get some input on this. I've been in intense Soccer Training for the Season coming up and have hardly had time to get in the gym. (like once a week) Well when I weighed myself last week, (this is on a set doctor's scale mind you) I weighed at about 158 and my Bench was FINALLY up to 275 [woohoo 2 45's and a 25 ]. (haven't changed sig. yet) This week I went in and weighed at 150.5 and I feel extremely weak and tired. I'm very cut ab-wise, but the power just isn't there. I have worked 80 hours these past few weeks on top of soccer practice and been out with my girl late a couple of times. BUT, do any of you know what I could do to get my energy back? Protein? Carbs? Sugg.'s on how often to eat and what types of food? Thanks in advance.