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Thread: Official Yearbook Picture Thread.

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    Official Yearbook Picture Thread.

    Ok, here it goes. This is so I don't have to dig through the insanity that is the WBB faces thread...again.

    This thread is reserved for posting yearbook pictures only. I will only use pics. that are posted here, so if you want to be included you have to post it in this thread.

    ----->All commentary and questions should go in the Yearbook Commentary thread which will be non-sticky.<--------

    The head A$$face has agreed that non-yearbook posts will be deleted by the mods, so consider yourselves informed. I've attached the last yearbook so you can either format your own picture with your name (black backgrounds only) or just attach a pic and I'll do the rest. Have fun.


    ----->The Last Day to Post Pics will be April 15th<------
    Attached Images Attached Images
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