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Thread: Bulking to cutting?

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    Bulking to cutting?

    Here are some more newbie questions. Bear with me.
    I'm on what you could consider a bulking diet in that I'm eating more times per day with more food per sitting. I have no idea what the calories are because I haven't gotten that far. Or what the ratio is p/c/f. I know I'm getting a lot of carbs and protein and I'm sure the fat is there too. My question is how long should the bulking diet last before I go to a cutting diet? I have no idea what gains I should be looking for. Thanks for any advice.

    I know a lot of this info is here in articles and I do read when I get time, but I'd like some opinions too.

    Should a cutting diet utilize AMR or less calories?


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    Just keep bulking until you are happy with the results or feel it is time to cut. Some cut when they reach a certain weight or bf%, but there is no set point at which to end your cut. Different strokes for different folks

    A cutting diet usually entails less calories or some cardio or both.

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    :withstupi By comparison, I recently just began cutting after a successful 6 month bulk.

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    My last bulk I added 30 lbs and increased 4% body fat.

    I started cutting when I started to feel fat. My Pants were getting tight around the waist, and I looked like a tub o' lard in the mirror.
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