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Thread: Push/pull split vs. combo

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    Push/pull split vs. combo

    I think it is time to swap routines again. I did WBB#2 for a couple months, and have been on wbb1 for about 6 now and am seeing my gains taper off slightly.

    I was just wondering how many of you use a push day/pull day split (chest & tri's then back & bi's) and how many follow something like the wbb routines w/ chest & back on one day, then arms on another. I was thinking I would try a push-pull split for a while and was wondering about volume. Do those of you on this sort of routine still keep the same volume for the smaller muscles? That is to say 4-6 sets for bis or tris after 6-8 sets on chest or back, or do you lighten it up some since they get more indirect work?

    Thanks for the input.
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    I`d just do 3 - 4 sets on bi`s tri`s etc..all depends on how intense the sets are I suppose but yeah go with 2 - 4 sets after indirect work, it`s usually more than enough.
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