I realize this is and not necessarily notice most of the routines here are geared towards putting on as much mass as fast as possible.

are there any tweaks you can do to a routine, if mass is irrelevant, but you want strength and muscle hardness?

the reason i ask is, i was just outside with some coworkers discussing training....(one played basketball and football in school, the other played football and powerlifted). The PLer said that his coach used to have them rotate low rep/high weight routines and high rep/lor weight routines each month, reason being that while the low reps built mass, the high reps firmed the muscles. I know it sounds sketchy.....but, is there anyway to play around with a routine, or different lifts, that focus most on strength, and not necessarily hardcore growth? I'm presuming some sort of PL touches....but I would like input.

and for the record....I know as a woman, I'm not gonna put on huge amounts of mass without gear....i know that the state of your muscles is mostly dependent on genetics....this question is purely out of curiosity...and well..."i don't wanna get TOO big" know how that is....