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Thread: 1-15 Meet Results

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    1-15 Meet Results

    Here is my first meet result. I just pasted this from my journal so everyone could read it. Since hardly anyone looks at my journal. Thanks to those who do.

    I woke up at 6 and got about 8.5 hours of sleep. I had a Metrx bar and a glass of milk. I weighed in at 168, just enough to get me in the 168lb. class. It was a powerlifting meet for class C through 2A. Really, to me this was only a learning experience and preparation for things to come.

    Squat - 285/305/320 - This was mostly just guessing in the dark, I didn't want to go to high. 285 was without wraps, and was probably actually tougher to hit the right depth than 305 and 320 with wraps.

    Bench (raw) - 195/205/230 (missed) - This was very discouraging. My ego got too large and I went to heavy. I should have went 205/215/225, and I probably will If I go to the state meet on Fri.

    Deadlift (chalk) - 365/385/400 - This went pretty good. I took second, but I still feel like I could've pullled 405-410. I pulled all these attempts with conventional form. The guy who beat me in this pulled 405 after I had already put down 400.

    I placed in the 168's. I had a really fun time. EDIT: my next meet was supposed to be this Friday. It would have been like a four hour drive. As of now I won't be going. I'm pretty sure I pulled muscles in the lower right part of my back.I couldn't even pull what I opened with yestarday (365). I really wanted to go, because I was sure that I would be able to raise my total on all three lifts.
    Squat - 505
    Bench - 325
    Deadlift - 550
    Total - 1380@175

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    Sounds like ya had a blast! You did great lifting
    After a meet its good to take a few days off or go really light since they really wreak havoc on your body.
    Best Meet @ Lifts@181:...............Best gym lifts
    Squat...- 403..........................Squat....- 395 w/belt
    Bench...- 303..........................Bench....- 300....Paused in meet - 281
    Deadlift.- 503.....Unofficial 513...Deadlift..- 490
    Total....- 1,203...IPF Class II......All done raw, Touch'n go bench

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