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Thread: Nicotine

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    What effects do nicotine have on the body when it comes to working out? I don't smoke, but i dip copenhagen...Yeah i know it's nasty , but i've really been wandering about this lately,
    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

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    it increases blood pressure via vasoconstriction

    it also causes sever gum rot, which is what i would be most concerned with, followed by oral cancer

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    I stopped smoking at New Year - and the benefits are outstanding!

    As an example - I did a run before Christmas - and my heart rate hovered around 174bpm.

    1 week after quitting - on the same run and at same intensity - it dropped to 162bpm.

    2 weeks after quitting - did the same run - and it's now at 158bpm.

    I'm eating more (better and more consistently). Put on around 3 kgs in 2 weeks - which is great!

    I fyou want loads of good detailed info on the detrimental effects smoking has on the body - I recommend

    Hope this helps


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