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Thread: my elbow joint aches

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    my elbow joint aches

    Right above my elbow, I get a pain in my tricep, but mroe like the tendons. Its on my right elbow, but i am a lefty. It really hurts when i do anything like head knockers or over the head DB presses. Straight bar pressdowns dont bother it, neither does v-bar presses. I have always been good about warming up my tri's before chest and shoulder presses especially. When i am just chillin, i will flex my tricep and the loudest pop (or crack) comes from my elbow joint.
    any suggestions on what it might be or a good way i should wrap it when i lift??
    thanks for reading
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    Ice and rest
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    hey swole i have the same problem but mine is do to a injury i did a few yrs back, but what i do is use one of those tight wraps when im doing any of my lifting and after i use cold compresses seems to help. also too,, the guys at the gym have been telling me about a supplement that is good for joints, if u like u can ask pup or yobrickwall about it,,they told me about it...

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