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Thread: anybody else having success with the big theigh routine?

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    anybody else having success with the big theigh routine?


    I've been doing the big theigh routine once a week on my leg days for awhile now with good gains. not only am i in and out of the gym in 25minutes but the burn i get in my legs during the next 2-3 days in awesome.

    although there is one draw back, after im done doing the leg press, leg extensions and squats in consecutive immediate order (big theigh routine)
    i am so exhausted that i have to walk the track to prevent from puking or feeling like absolute $hit (seriously, instead of calling it the big theigh routine, it should just be called "pure evilness routine").
    maybe this isnt good but maybe its the reason why the routine works so good.

    im also wondering, for those who know this routine, if i should being doing 2 sets of these or if the one set is enough? how could i know this?
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    my goals: gain weight and muscle mass


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