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Thread: 40 Minute Leg/Shoulder Workout Routine Needed.

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    I'm going to be running short on time for my workout tomorrow and am hoping you can advise me on a "quick" (40 minutes max; I normally workout between 60 and 75 minutes 3 days a week) routine that will give a good workout for my legs and shoulders.

    I know squats should be in there, maybe leg extensions, possibly lunges, but I'm not sure what else. (I train at home with weight bench {incline,flat,decline; leg extension; preacher curl}, dumbbells up to 80 lbs, 300 lb. Olympic bar and weights).

    What exercises (including # of sets and reps - to increase mass of course) for shoulders and legs would you advise me to do to get the best possible workout in 40 minutes?

    Thanks for any help.


    PS: Is this workout schedule OK?
    Monday - Arms and Abs
    Wednesday - Legs and Shoulders
    Friday - Back, Chest, and 1 set for Tris and Bis
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    If you want to get shoulders and legs done in 40 mins you are gonna need to cut the volume down and concentrate on the core movements..

    OK for legs

    Thighs : Squats
    Hams : Straight legged deadlift/leg curls
    Calves : Standing raises.

    Shoulders : Pressing

    So I would try and chose between sldl's and curls (I would be tempted togo for curls for quickness, Ie loading up the bar on sldl etc..)..

    How about this ?

    Squats : 3 x 6-8
    Leg Curls : 3 x 6-8
    Standing Calve raises : 4 x what you find best..


    How about chosing a press.. I.e Military, seated dumbell and doing 3 sets of 6-8 with this exercises..

    Then perhaps either doing another press or a few sets of lateral raises...

    Hope that gives you some ideas..

    Have a play around with the main exercises for each muscle group and fit in what you think will take you about 40 mins..

    Good luck !

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    Or you could throw in leg presses and straight legged deadlifts and take lest rest in between sets..

    Just a thought..

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    Your split could be better. You are combining small muscle groups on the same day(tris, bis, abs). Then you combine larger muscles on the same day (back, chest and legs, shoulders). You would be better off focusing on the big muscle groups and throwing the smaller stuff in afterwards.
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    Try this,it shouldn't take longer than 25 mins-30 mins.

    Front Squats 2x12-15 reps
    Squat(back squat)
    2x12-15 reps
    Leg Curls
    Shoulders:Press 4x12

    Rest is only 60 secs between sets.

    Doesn't look like much but trust me it's enough.

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