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Thread: What muscles on the very top of the torso can I work?

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    What muscles on the very top of the torso can I work?

    I've been trying to hit my traps and delts really hard lately since I never used to work them much, and they need to catch up with my relatively large tri's and bi's. The thing I was noticing the other day while at the gym though, is that I look scrawny if I don't wear a shirt with a small neck. The shirts I usually work out in are kinda small because I use them as undershirts.

    Other than traps and delts, what muscles can I work up there to make me look bigger?
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    Not really much else up there besides the neck. You can do some neck exercises but traps and delts are the big 2 up top. Maybe some rear delt work and especially the lats help to add to that big V-shape look.
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    Your legs.

    Just get bigger, dude.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Work your deadlifts!
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    ...incline bench

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    ...incline bench
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