Hi everybody, i was at navy boot camp for the last 3 months, and i lost like 50 pounds, and i need serious help! i came to this board because i feel like its the best one out there, a lot of smart people here. here are my questions:

1) please give me a workout plan that i can follow, as short as possible because i dont have a lot of free time, that will allow me to put on muscle. i already know what days i'm going to work what muscles, i just need to know how many sets and reps, please remember that i havent touched a weight in over 3 months!

here's my split:


2) also, i have a big problem, we only get 3 meals a day here in the navy, breakfast, lunch, and dinner - so i will have to use protein shakes and weightgainers to supplement my diet. i know a lot of you guys are against supplements but in my case i really need them.
i am on a real tight budget, and i made a list of supplements that i think i need, but i am not sure - so please tell me if they are worth it or not.

weight gainer
protein shake

which ones do i really need? i would like to spend as little as possible on supplements!
i'll probably be eating 1 gram of protein per pound, is that enough to put on lean muscle?

thanks for the advice!!