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Thread: and they say guns are needed for protection

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    and they say guns are needed for protection,00.html

    i cant beleive some people, this is terrbile
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    A gun has one use, to launch a small piece of metal in a straight line at a very high speed, it is the user who aims it.

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    Man I hope he gets executed, what a sick focker, but if I am not mistaken , this incident happend in a bad place, and not in your average suburbia.
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    You know what, Rock? I am completely with you. I would like to see that ass get executed as well, even though no one is dead. He had the intention of inflicting grave harm on many different people, and he should pay the ultimate price for that.

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    A sad event. The person is obviously menally unstable. I think case like this back up the idea of needing a gun for defense. If there sick people out their like this I need it to defend my family. Maybe if you could guarantee only cops had guns, I would give it up. But that hasn't worked with drugs. Also you still need to defend yourself against other means of attck

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    Yep, how about if one of those 5 yr old girls in the snowfight had been carrying a concealed .45??? Maybe the problem woulda been solved before that poor chick got blasted.

    And BTW, for those too dense to realize it, that was a JOKE.
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    Kinda sad that we have to make that disclaimer, isn't it?
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    Its kind of sad that a tragedy is exploited to further a political agenda. reminds me of the clintons


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