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Thread: Does anyone here run?

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    Does anyone here run?

    Ok I know this is a BB forum so don't flame me. But I figure there has to be someone on these boards that actually runs. My older brother has challenged me to a 5k race (roughly 3 miles). The race is March 16 so I have a few weeks to prepare. I ran 3 miles today and 3 miles the day before my legs are sore but after a quick stretch and warm up they feel fine.

    Im planning on running 3 miles 5 days a week for week 1. 4 miles a day next week and 5 miles for the last week and I will take 2 days off before the race. If I run 3-4 days in a row and take a day off then run another 3-4 days in a row will that give my legs enough time to recover? Keep in mind I haven't done any running for 2 years.

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    I used to run a lot, from 5K's to 15K's, but now my running has shifted quite a bit as my goals have changed. But for anyone wanting to work on their general fitness, running a 5K is a fun and attainable goal...and having a family member to challenge you is good motivation.

    Check out these sites for 5K training programs and other good running info. Most training programs will recommend a combination of longer runs and shorter runs, rest days and speed days rather than running the same distance every day. If you haven't run much in 2 years, try not to do too much too soon or it may catch up with you in the form of shin splints or other keep a rein on that initial enthusiasm

    Also, make sure you take enough rest days to let your body recuperate and get good quality running shoes that are suited to your gait and your build (go to a shoe store that specialized in running shoes).

    If this 5K is your first race, you'll probably be surprised by how much fun and how social it is. There will be hard-core, competitive racers at the front of the pack, but especially in a 5K, a majority of the runners will be just plain folks who want to get up off the couch and be active. Strangers will talk and joke around and even offer encouragement on the big hill or run alongside you if you're starting to wilt or if your pace is close to theirs and they just want some motivation. At the end there's T-shirts and food and the good feeling of accomplishment.

    Good luck!
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