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Thread: North Korea

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    North Korea

    What is your view about N. Korea dropping out of the Nuclear Treaty , firing that missle over by Japan and starting its nuclear plant up again?
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    Actually, the Americans dropped out of that treaty. They were supposed to build new reactors but never did.

    That being said, the treaty was blackmail from the outset and it's value is debatable.

    At the same time, there really isn't much choice. Either we pay them to abandon their nukes, or some terrorist will pay them for the technology. Not good choices but the only ones we have.

    Personally, I think Bush was over zealous after 9/11 in coining the axis of evil. Neither Iraq nor North Korea has anything to do with the terrorist attacks but it's tough to take on terrorists when they aren't attached to a particular country. As such, I think Bush was reacting to the "something must be done" mentality but hasn't really delivered other than bombing a few caves in Afghanistan.

    I think Kim of Korea is a rational actor. His country needs food and oil and this is his most effective way of getting it.

    As long as it is a country that is holding nukes, there's not much to worry because of mutually assured destruction.

    However, if it gets in to terrorist hands, then an anonymous bomb delivery would wreak havoc.

    To put this into context you have to understand a few things about world politics:

    1. there is no international law, it is the law of the jungle with a bunch of bi-lateral treaty's but even those are only loosely enforceable.

    2. everyone acts in self interest
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    They want respect. They are getting it the bad way. They say they only dropped out of it because the US stopped heavy oil shipments to them. The US says the opposite.


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