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Thread: How do you do it!

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    How do you do it!

    Hello everyone, my name is Chris, im new to the board. I have been searching around for awhile to post up on a good forum about lifting. I have always been interested in lifting because i just like it. most people think its boring but i enjoy it. I just never got myself into it, untill now. I have been using Cell-tech and Nitro-tech for about a month now. I went in it not knowing much about lifting as far as getting the full power of the supplements to my body. Now that i have made a few mistakes, i am going to start this month off right, and get results that amaze me. Is there any tips that you guys have done, i know many of you have sat in my spot before, right before you blow up you are confused on where to start, and how to do it. I am just looking for that boost that you got to get where you are today. I do not have membership to a gym , but i do have a home set up i just purchased before i began my training, I like the setup and i have no problem its all olympic just like at the gym, and i have music. I guess im just wanting to know the main differences between getting stronger and getting bigger. I know theres ways to do different ones like more reps-bigger, and more weight-stronger things like that but do they really matter. I have been overweight all my lift untill weight training came into my life and i have dreamed of the perfect body. im stuck in that place between to hard ones, Im thin and muscular and i want that BOOST. thanks everyone
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    learn to squat.
    do big compound exercise.

    use the search option as that can give you far more detail then we can.

    read up on over training as you may think you have not done enough in the gym, but you probably have.
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    1). Dont buy muscletech supplements, they are over priced and over rated. Just eat plenty of food, train hard and get plenty of rest. Creatine and other supplements you can come to later, buy a cheap whey supplement if you must but dont waste your money on nitro - tech.

    2) Dont buy muscle magazines and try to follow the routines, please ask us anything you need to know right here on wbb.

    3). Theres nothing you can do to boost you to where people are today, just hard work and determination on your part.

    4). More reps doesn`t mean more muscle growth, the best thing you could have done is come to this forum. You will learn everything you need to know here, go browse through the articles on training, diet etc..have fun !!!
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    the biggest mistake i made when i started lifting was not eating enough or properly. 80% of what you do in the gym is made or broken by the way you eat. read the threads in the other areas and do a search on every topic you can think of -- probably it has been asked and asked a few times.

    good luck
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