I have to vent this somewhere...I think this is an appropriate place.

I work at a GNC. After much thought, I have decided that I am exactly the type of person they don't need working up there. You would think I'd be above average for what they need, and I base that comment on the fact that the majority of GNC's employees are not very knowledgeable about stuff and aren't really in shape. Going by that, I'm doing alright: I'm in good shape, decent size, and I know a good bit. There are many things I don't know, but that's the reason I spend multiple hours each day on this and other boards and sites. Literally half my free time is spent looking up this stuff...either reconfirming what I know, finding out that I'm wrong about stuff, whatever.

That's probably my main problem. The reason I research this stuff is so I and those that I come in contact with won't waste their money on worthless crap. I inform myself and then pass that onto others. Some idiots that come into work I have no problem selling Cell Tech and Nitro Tech to for $150 a month (or however often they buy) because they refuse to listen to me when I say there are better and more cost-effective alternatives. The ones that do listen usually end up with my email address and about 2 or 3 sites in hand...one is normally www.1fast400.com for buying stuff, another is this site for general knowledge, and then various others like www.dpsnutrition.net or www.avantlabs.com or something.

That brings me to another thing. I constantly turn business away from our store. I don't want people to buy a 2lb. container of Optimum's 100% for $26.99 when they can buy a 5lb. online for the same price. They shouldn't pay $39.99 for a 120 ct. Xenadrine when they can get it online for $23.99 or whatever most sites have it for. And they certainly shouldn't be buying Testroxin Gel or something when they can make their own very effective and much cheaper transdermal prohormone from cheap raw materials and easy-to-follow instructions at www.anabolicminds.com.

I really hate badgering customers and being "required" to try to sell them a multivitamin or GNC brand products. If they can get a cheaper, better product online from someone like Mike at 1fast or David and the guys at Protein Customizer, I really don't want to con them into thinking what they're buying is more worth their money. It may be my job but it's against what I believe. People come into the store and leave with either less than what they planned to buy, something totally different than what they planned to buy, or having bought nothing and only having my email address, this site, and a few others with the advice "just get your diet right, THEN worry about ______."

I hate doing our little Gold Card calls. Any of you who are gold card members, you know what I'm talking about. I do realize that "if they don't wanna be called, they should check the second box" which is so conveniently disguised and miniaturized that it's very hard to even notice or read. If anything, I think we should be required to ask them and put that in the "For Store Use Only" section. Sure, they say it "garners more business" but telemarketing, to me, just isn't a good or honest form of garnering business. I may be completely wrong here, but it just doesn't seem right.

Maybe I'm way off with all of this. I realize that most GNC employees aren't obsessed with this stuff like I am. They normally, as their job dictates, listen to the sales reps of the individual companies and relay that to the customers. That's all they have to go on and that's cool. I guess that's their job...to listen to the makers and relay that to customers...because they are selling their products. They don't do much personal research and that may be what makes my situation an individual one rather than a "right or wrong" situation.

I know...just quit, right? I'll likely do that soon, but for now, it's my only source of income and I'm a 19 year old college student. I don't have that many options available to me. Regardless, I feel like I'm either doing myself a disservice or not honestly earning my paycheck. Sorry for the rant and the rambling.