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Thread: How do I lose the gut????

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    How do I lose the gut????

    Ok...I am a bit confused...I have gained some fat around my waist...I want to lose it. I started doing cardio and more ab exercises. Can anyone tell me which is more beneficial to losing the fat around my waist? And also, what ab routines are the best (which one works the upper, lower and sides the best)?

    Thank you. I appreciate any suggestions.
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    What you should do is start a general weight lifting routine. A full body workout 3 times a week or one of the WBB routines. Doing ab work isn't going to make your waist any smaller. Do a solid routine, with cardio on your off days, on a caloric deficit, and you'll lose fat all around. Unfortunately, we can't spot reduce fat in specific areas

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    Well if you build your ab muscles, it does help them stand out more.

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    Sorta...but if there is a layer of fat over them, then they still won't show much.

    What's best for losing the fat around your abs? Dieting and losing fat all over. You can't spot reduce.
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    lol, you dont want to end up like me. I used to have quite a gut, but I trained the hell out of my abs, and because my abs got bigger, it just looked like a had a strange pooch; and my bodyfat stayed the same. Only when I began proper diet and cardio, did my abs begin to surface.

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    Originally posted by Shao-LiN
    Sorta...but if there is a layer of fat over them, then they still won't show much.

    What's best for losing the fat around your abs? Dieting and losing fat all over. You can't spot reduce.
    Yea, I think most people know that. Almost every reply to a thread about abs is "You can't spot reduce".
    What i'm doing for ab exercises are: Weighted crunches, reverse crunches, oblique crunches. IF I were you, i'd do those and maybe some others (Hanging leg raises, leg lifts, etc.) + cardio in the morning on an empty stomach + reduced calorie diet.

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    Early morning cardio is a bad idea, IMO. It's far too catabolic.

    Use HIIT (make sure to eat).
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    The best way is to watch what you eat and cardio. This doesn't mean starve yourself, just means to make sure you don't overeat in starchy/fatty foods. Do cardio about 4 days a week, but make sure to change your cardio around so you do not get bored of it and quit. I find that swimming/running/biking are all great ways of doing cardio and if you switch between these you should have fun and get rid of that "loose muscle" on the stomach.
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    i do lots of free weight such as squat, deads, overhead press so my midsection does get worked.

    1) it help keep the muscle under the stomach firm
    2) it pulls your midsection up so hold the fat better.

    1) hypertophy of the stomach make my gut stick out further. worse if wearing clothes as they can't see my 4-packish(not on a diet)

    so its toss up between keeping the stomach with some muscle mass, however not to much as to make my stomach stick out to far.
    my exprience - joined gym 10 years ago, 6 1/2 years hard weight training exprience.


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