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Thread: REverse (supine grip) close grip bench press?

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    REverse (supine grip) close grip bench press?

    I was wondering what opinions of a reverse grip CGBP everyone here had? I saw a picture of it in one of those "muscle mags" and thought I'd ask what you guys think about this exercise...........
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    I occasionally do reverse grip bench, but I have never done it close grip. I tend to use the same grip witdth as my regular bench. I'm a big fan of this exercise. I never noticed any size gains from it, but it did seem to help in the strengthening of my triceps, which in turn led to a stronger bench.

    just my thoughts...
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    personally it hurt my wrists to much, so i do not do them.

    if it does not hurt your wrists, keep doing them.
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    I posted a thread about this a while back.
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