Hey guys. Had a bench meet Friday night. I did decent but not spectacular. I weighed in at 233 lbs. Benched 460 on my opener, which was a joke, then a very easy 505 on my second attempt. I was planning on going 530 or so for my 3rd attempt, but was talked into attempting 545 for a new state record. I just missed the 3rd attempt, mostly due to an equipment issue.

I was very pleased with going 2 for 3, and almost getting a new state record. I should smash that record in May, which is my next meet. Getting my bodyweight up, and training in my shirt every week, I think, were keys to my bench going up.

I have hit 500 in a meet before, and came very close to getting 525 in the past, but those were grinding efforts that took all I had. At this meet 505 was cake, and had I not pulled my shirt so far down I had trouble touching the 545, I feel it would have been smoked as well.

There is no doubt that the westside/metal militia hybrid of training I have been doing lately is working wonders. It has also helped me a lot, i think to drop speed bench on a weekly basis, and train 3 times per week rather than 4. Gives me more time to recover, has helped me avoid tendonitis and pain in my arms/elbows, and allowed me to put on some mass.

For those with a competitive spirit, getting out there and laying it on the line gives you a feeling that you will never find in the gym.