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    how fast can i expect result, from WBB#1 for example.

    if i'm 135 now - and i wanna be 170....what timeframe am i looking at??
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    Right now, your definitely underweight (mostly for your height of 6'3), so your body should respond rather nicely to working out because it probably knows it's not at a really healthy weight. But, there are too many other factors to consider. If you want to do it clean (no fat gains really) then it's going to take longer, if you don't care and just want to be bigger (but still lot more muscle then you have now) then you can probably half that time.. if you continue to eat like you are now, and just work out.. then probably forever.

    If you were doing it clean as can be, then say about a pound a week. If you were doing half clean then more (depends on how unclean).. if you were stupid like I was, then you'll get about 20-25 pounds in a year and a bit (toss in two cut cycles, four months of not knowing that I should be eating more, another two months of -knowing- I should, but not willing too..)


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