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Thread: old man excercises

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    old man excercises

    My dad is 57 and he wants to start weight training to keep in shape and build a little strength. Can anyone recommend some good excercises that build overall body strength but are also easy on the body, and what kind of set/rep range should he do? I don't think he really even knows what his goals are. He isn't interested in building mass specifically.

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    My dad is 63 and he has been into weight training for some time, however it was mostly screw around "old man" low intensity lifting with machines. I just recently started him into heavy weights, incorporating most stuff from WBB 1. He has not complained of any aches or pains, only typical soreness, and is very happy/suprised with how much he is toning/firming up from the lifting. But for some reason he doesnt want to keep doing bb bench, rather the smith machine, mostly because he feels like a girl maxing out with 25's on the bb . Gotta keep the ego up.
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    My dad just turned 50 a few days ago, and he ain't using any "old man" exercises. Hack squats (seeing as he doesn't have a cage) and deadlift are part of his routine.. And having done it for probably half a year (or less) his lifts ain't all that bad at all. Took him out to the gym with me when he came up for christmas, and he was lifting more then a lot of regular gym goers there, regardless of their age. Proud of the old boy.

    That said, the way he started out was a full body split, twice a week, paying attention more to form and letting the body adjust for the first little bit. I'm thinking that's pretty much the key. Starting a little bit lighter, and starting to push harder once you know you can do it.

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    My Dad has chronic back problems, and I don't want him to get hurt. I think he has pretty good genetics though. I refer to him as "troll buff". I have the genes of my mom's father. He couldn't have weighed more than 120. Thanks for the input.
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    My dad is getting old I wish he would try to lift weigts. He stands all day in the same spot because he is a barber. Now he is 56 and does not have much motivation. I hate to se him "slowing down".
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    First off 57 is not old, 103 is old. And when I'm 103 I'll revise that. Everyone first starting needs to start slow, it doesn't matter what age you are. The exercises are the same though.
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