I did the same meet that I did as my first meet(last year) yesterday. We brought 8 people with our team and for 5 of them it was their first meet. I was very proud of everyone. Lot's of PR's were hit and everyone totaled. Even my 'little' cousin(he's bigger than me, but only 15) went 9 for 9 and hit PR's on both squats and deads and matched his PR on bench. My girlfriend had an awesome fight to pull a 220 PR deadlift for her last lift. I was very proud of her on that. Anyway, my meet went like this:

Weight- 152 WTF. I was weighin like 5-7 lbs light all week(146-148), even the morning of the meet. They used a really old balance scale that was hard to read and I can't imagine he was getting accurate readings. One particular guy I know got on the scale at 149. Didn't believe it, went outside and jogged around for 5 minutes and weighed 145. Yea, ok. Whatever, I was there to lift, not argue and it was just an unsanctioned meet anyway.

375-miss(read below)
405-pretty easy. Felt good for another 10-15 lbs

245- no problem
270- little slow, but got it.
280- few inches off the chest/missed(brought it too low)

Subtotal: 675

405- felt like the bar
435- not too bad
455- bit tougher, but smooth

total: 1130 PR

I was quite happy with this. I came in wanting a PR total and got it. If I weighed in accurately I would have gotten a 7.5xBW total. I went 7 for 9 which is a PR and also the first time I went 3 for 3 on deads.

I didn't know what happened to me on my first squat. The rack was very weird and unstable, but I still figured I'd smoke that weight. Especially when I took it again and moved it friggin fast as hell. Then we got home and watched the tape. We all started laughing our asses of when we saw me getting all ready, walk up to the bar, get set and oh wait he forgot to buckle his belt. I did the lift with the belt on the last hole which is where I keep it inbetween attempts. I alway tighten it right before I go out. I push off the belt hard and that is what stabilizes me. On the attempt you see I go down fine and as I start up I am very shaky and lose it. Dumbass. Cost me a squat PR too because I played it safe and took that weight again on the second and only jumped to 405 for my third(should have been my second attempt). Oh well.