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Thread: Back/Chest vs. Chest/Tri

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    Back/Chest vs. Chest/Tri

    What are the advantages or disadvantages to doing all push exercises one day (Chest, Tri, and maybe Shoulders) and all pull (back and biceps) rather than a back/chest combo like WBB1. Is either more efficient, or are they just a matter of opinion?

    Q: Why do you have push/pull muscles grouped together? (From WBB2 FAQs)

    A: The reason for this is that studies have shown that this method has a manipulative effect on the nervous system. This wil allow the lifter to get the most out of their workout. The scientific reasoning behind this is still somewhat of a mystery.

    Does anyone know where these studies are? It seems like everywhere I look, people group push and pull together, but maybe that's just convention.

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    I say it's a matter of preference. I used to do a chest/back day like arnold say's to do in his encyclopedia, but I just found that I couldn't give 100% intensity on both my chest and my back in one day. So by splitting up it allowed me to focus more on that one body part and as a result, I made better gains.
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    I think I can do a workout with more intensity with Chest & Back together, so I guess I'll stick with that. On Push & Pull days, you do the compound exercises first right? I'd think if you did bench first, you'd be so tired, tricep stuff would be really hard. If you did it the other way around, though, the pre-exhaustion would really make you focus on using your pecs. Same with back, if you worked out biceps first, you'd really have to use your lats to pull. Am I correct?

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    My reason for chest/triceps is that it's easy for my arms to be overtrained, and if I do chest and tris on seperate days it's almost like having two tricep workouts per week... which is too much.

    I do my chest routine and then follow it up with a maximum of 5 (I aim for 4) sets of high intensity direct tricep work. The other reason is I just find that when I train right, two large muscle groups in one day is too difficult to maintain a high level of intensity with.

    Otherwise, Supirman is right when he sais it's a matter of preference, as long as you train smart and remember about overtraining.

    As for working biceps first, it wont result in your body using your lats more for pulling. If anything this will just overtrain the biceps. I take the same approach to bis as I do with tris... a max of 4 sets on back day.

    There's nothing wrong with your approach, and it might be smart to switch it up every month or two. One month do back/chest on one day, and the next do a back/bis and chest/tris split. You need to change things up to stimulate growth.
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