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Thread: made a mistake and need to bail out on my gym membership

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    lololol, lots of good ideas guys, f*ck the system

    ultimately, i was rash and its my fault and i have leraned my lesson. the good news is, they did let me out, i was never so relieved. benchmonster reply was scaring the shiat out of me, its so true how these contracts are very binding and i think very unfair, why do these bastards need these memberships? its like the mafia or something, no flexability.

    yeah so for alittle more then 30 bucks they forgot all about me and 30 dollars is all they got in all, i only worked out there twice though; im very happy though considering the $hit i had got into, it was really bad.

    thanks again everyone for your great advice (expecially the chalk idea and the throwing the weights like its paper )
    my goals: gain weight and muscle mass

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    Originally posted by BUFF STUFF
    Take Rodent 500 with you
    :evillaugh :evillaugh :evillaugh :evillaugh


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