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Thread: made a mistake and need to bail out on my gym membership

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    made a mistake and need to bail out on my gym membership

    the new gym i joined sucks ass big time and i wanna go back to my old gym but the problem is i already signed a one year membership. i wasnt thinking and acted rash because i was mad at my initial gym for various reasons.

    i talked to someone at the gym about canceling it but he said my excuse wasnt good enough. i have only been with them for a week and i feel they should let me out because im not happy at all. their gym equipment is sooo cheap and its alot busier they what they said. their leg press at this $hit hole is awful, its an arched seat instead of a square style which is death to the back.

    anyone have any suggestions how i can get out of this one year contract? they take out money every month out of my bank account.

    what would you guys do if you were in my situation?.

    i didnt pay any sign up fee's, i just have to pay $69 on the 15th for processing fee's and the first month, then $40 every month after that.

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