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Thread: Proper rest

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    Proper rest

    How long should I rest my arms after totally blasting them? I am going for gaining size, not necessarily strength.... is two days enough?

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    IMO no. If you totally blast them that means going to failure and beyond then you need time to rebuild. I would say rest at least 4-5 days. No real proof to back up those numbers but common sense.

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    "common sense"
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    On a (un)related note, they have a saying in Spain that goes "common sense is the least common of the senses...."

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    a week..
    do a search
    read the articles
    keep a routine
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    it's not blasting arms which make them grow but progressively lift heavier weight in good form with a reasonable rep range (6-20 reps)
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    What is your full routine?
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    Muscles often require 2-3 days for the resting and rebuilding process before you work them again. The resting/rebuilding period may go up for very intense sessions with heavy weights or due to a number of other factors including genetics. The amount of recovery time needed may vary between 1 and 7 days depending on body part, type of training, and the individual. You might want to try resting the muscle group an extra day before working it again, and see if it offers any benefit for you. You can find some good splits at

    What does your routine look like?
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    See you how feel. If you feel crappy, rest. If you feel you're good to go, do it. Listen toi your body.
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