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Thread: this sucks

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    this sucks

    i was on xenadrine and losing decents amounts of bf.i was doin high intensity cardio with weigth training and everythin was goin great......then i got the flu and took time out from cardio,workouts and the eca stack.i was refeeding once a week on a high protein,low carb, mod fat diet.i got down to 12stone before i came im 12 stone 7 and ive definately gained bout 5lbs of kinda pissed off right the way ive been back on the cardio and weight training 4 a week now and only lost 2lbs..without the eca stack.has any1 else had problems with gaining back large amounts of bf coming off an eca stack??

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    I would say that 2lbs. a week is about the most you need to lose in a week. Eating excess calories was probably more the culprit than coming off the ECA stack. I doubt you gained back 5lbs in a week unless you were consuming large amounts of calories. Some of this weight could be water and glycogen if you started eating more carbs during your week off.

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    thats why i think only losing 2lbs coming back into my routine was kinda ****ty.i stuck to bout 10lbs x lbs body weight

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    just keep doing what you were every thing takes time.
    Age 23 Height 5'10 weight 210 2 years complete of serious lifting.
    At 5'10" last Jan/02 I was 280 Lbs with a 44 waist.
    Now as of Dec/02 I am 210 with a 34-36 waist. A year complete 70 pounds lost now lets get big .
    Goal Deadlift 500 by summer now..
    02/10/03 405X3 425X1
    02/17/03 435X1
    02/24/03 445X1
    03/03/03 455X1
    03/10/03 455X3 "rack pull" 500X1 "rack pull MISS"
    03/17/03 405X6, "Rack Pulls 505X3, 525X1.... 555X1 Miss"
    04/14/03 465X1 verry difficult
    05/12/03 475X1 Easy!!! 500X1 Miss"real close"
    05/19/03 435X5
    06/16/03 Rack pulls 555X2, 600Xmiss
    07/14/03 500X1 GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!
    10/06/03 500X4 555X1 Miss
    10/13/03 535X1
    11/10/03 Rack pull 500X7
    GOAL for 2004 get back to a low fat% and keep it 8 -10% would be great.
    06/29 rack pull 700X3
    07/6/04 600x1 at 216
    09/6/04 600X1 at 208 Rack pull 720X3
    NEW GOAL BENCH 400 BY FEB 2005 "not sure about this one"


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