Things couldnt be any worse...i was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with tendonitis in both knees, and although the pain is gradually decreasing, i cant do any leg exercises other than leg curls, exercises for inner and outer thighs where the leg stays in an extended position, and seated calf quads have already started to lose size...

a few days ago i also felt some pain in my shoulders. Im currently doing an HST cycle, and im half way through my 5's, i got 3 more workouts to go for a week..but i dont know if i should continue with it or not.

Im not sure what the problem with the shoulders is. The thing is i dont feel any pain when im exercising, even when doing bench presses,dips, lateral raises or any back exercises. the pain comes later..for example when i lift my arm to scratch my head or push against something in a standing position i usually get this weird pain, mostly in my right shoulder. also, when lifting sometimes my shoulders "crack" when i do side laterals or reverse pec deck flyes for the rear delts.

can any1 tell what the problem is?

ive been taking 400mg of ibuprofren 3 times daily for my knees...and ive continued taking them but they dont seem to help my shoulders. should i continue taking it or drop it?

should i continue with the HST cycle for this last week? maybe only do arm and leg exercises only?

also, for my knees...does it mean that they are healed when the pain goes away? my doc told me that the problem is probably from too much flexion of the knees..and told me to do very light leg extensions with less ROM, but when i tried them 2 days ago i got really bad knee pain the day after.

can any1 experienced with knee/shoulder injuries suggest what i should do for rehab?