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Thread: Cannot Fit Any More Plates on My Dumbbells

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    Cannot Fit Any More Plates on My Dumbbells

    I have been using standard dumbbell bars with spring collars for my home gym. I have reached a point where I would like to add more weights, but no more can safely fit on the bars. This is the only bar of this type that is sold at my neighborhood weights store, The Fitness Warehouse. I see several possible options:

    Option 1 -- Get a Longer Bar
    I could get a two longer bars that would hold more plates and get another four 10lb plates (2 for each bar). This might make the dumbbells more awkward to use during certain exercises because of their increased width. Since this type of long dumbbell bar is not available locally, I would need to order it online. What stores offer this type of bar at a good price? Note that I do NOT want a spinlock bar or any kind of threaded bar in which caps are screwed on.

    Option 2 -- Use 25lb Plates
    I have been piling 10lb plates onto the bar. If I put on a set of 25lb plates instead, then I would have enough space to get heavier total weights. I would need to purchase another two 25lb plates, since I only have two. Having 25lb plates sounds like it could make the dumbells awkward to use because of their increased height.

    Option 3 -- Use Specialty Plates Between 10lb and 25lb
    I imagine that someone must have created standard plates that are between 10lb and 25lb. With these size plates I would be able to fit more total weight on the bar, without having the awkward height of 25lb weights. I do not know any stores where such a product is sold. This type of specialty plate could be expensive, and a set of 4x15lb would only get me 10lb extra per dumbbell.

    Option 4 -- Do Not Lift Heavy Dumbells at Home
    I only need the increased weight for two exercises: flat dumbbell press and one-armed dumbbell row. I could use barbell substitutions at home and only do these particular exercises with dumbbells at the gym.

    What do you recommend? Where would be a good place to purchase the products mentioned above?
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    I'd say that getting olympic dumbell handles are the answer, and getting some good collars. I think it was that had them with their super duper bulldog collars, or I think that's what they called them. They weren't cheap though, but you can fit up to I believe 200 or more pounds on them. So that SHOULD solve the problem. I think 25lb plates are going to be too akward, and will inhibit ROM.
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    0 has what you need. :withstupi
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    i currently use the 25 lb plates, they seem bulky and big at first but im used to it now. my dbs cant go much past 100 though so that made me stop doing db rows and switch to barbell rows.

    only thing that i find annoying with adjustable dumbells is that tehy take long to prepare, (u gotta load 4 sides where a bb u only have to do 2 sides)
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    Originally posted by Sayiajin Prince
    only thing that i find annoying with adjustable dumbells is that tehy take long to prepare, (u gotta load 4 sides where a bb u only have to do 2 sides)
    I spend about the same amount of time adjusting weights with both barbells and dumbbells. The dumbbells often take more time adjusting weights between different sets, but the barbells often take more time adjusting weights between different exercises. I usually only do 2 sets per exercise, so the time switching between different exercises becomes significant. For example when I switch from flat press to incline press the dumbbells require taking a few weights off each bar. The barbells require taking all the weights off the bar, then raising the bar to a higher level, then loading up the bar again.
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    I think you should do the heavy dumbell work at the gym.
    I used to have some dumbells at home that were like yours, but what was wierd to me was that they were so long. At the gym the dumbell is only as long as the weight needs to be, then its capped. If you get 25s on there, not only will the dumbell be wider but it will also have the rod sticking out again.

    But if you do insist on using dumbells at home, Ironmind has what you'd want. The thick handled ones will help you out, too.


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