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Thread: tell me what you think

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    tell me what you think

    tell me what you think about this routine found on

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    Looks almost exactly like my routine. 4 day split with wednesday as rest day. I mix those up a little bit but its worked for me for a long time with some really good gains. Check out my journal if you want to.

    Maybe a mod can move this over to training where you'll get more views.
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    I don't like the idea of doing chest on monday and back on tuesday, not enough rest for the shoulders. I don't just mean your delts but the joint ect. For me I would worry my shoulders getting sore. Thats me though. Also for me I deadlift my shrugs, so I do them together, works as good finisher for the lower back.
    I don't think its the worst thing in the world either, speaking just of bodyparts and days, didn't really pay attention to what exercises.
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