This coming tuesday I am going to the Hospital to get surgery on my ankle. According to my doctor the ankle is lose and need screws to be placed inbetween the bone. This after I twisted my ankle on 3/19 while playing baseball. This is horrible news for me, because, after two weeks they have to be taken off. So this means about 3-4 months of no lifting. I am wondering if anyone has under gone a precedure similar to this one. About how long it took to heal? Will I be able to lift and feel no pain? or any general info you can share,


p.s This is a real set-back for me because now I wont be able to go to school for awhile nor lift. The lifting part hurts because I jsut cant deal with staying at home doing nothing. Now I cant even do cardio since I cant even move my right leg.
Its sorta hard trying to deal with any injury, it really hurts.