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Thread: Squatting By Myself

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    Squatting By Myself

    Been liftng a while, all upper body though. Play volleyball and mountain bike and that was enough for legs. Now I want to squat but the gym I belong to is in my basement and I am the only member. Any tips on working legs, squatting with lighter weight , etc....with good results?


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    Get your forn down first before piling on the weight. Do slow reps and keep them above 10-12 rather than the usual 6-8 for each bodypart.

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    If you have a rack with saftey catches then there is no worry. Even when I trained at gyms I trained legs alone. At home I have a multi rack with catches all the way to the floor. So squatting to failure is not a prob. High reps Low reps you always run the risk of missing a rep. I like to do 20 reppers and I tell you many is the time I was sure I had rep 19 and missed. So since failure is the key. The rep range you work in isn't the issue. It's the saftey your equipment presents. IMO


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