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Thread: Abs - Weights or No Weights??

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    Abs - Weights or No Weights??

    Hi everyone:

    I've just come accross this article on the net and am interested in your opinions about the training part of it, particularly where he says that he doesn't use any extra weights when he works his abdominals.

    I know that some on this forum say that weights are instrumental to a good abs work out, but as you you can from this chap's pictures (take a minute or two to display on the site), his abs are better than very good!!

    What do you think??



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    Bear in mind that there are plenty of examples of people with fantastic physiques whose training was out of the ordinary. For the normal person, training like Arnie did isn't very productive, yet it got him an amazing body.

    Also, there is no one exact perfect way to train. There are plenty of different ways, each of which are more or less effective for different people but most of which will work to an extent. For the guy on that site, training abs with no weight worked well; for most people, training them with weight will work better. That's not to say you wouldn't get results training them without weight; just that you probably would get better results training withthem.

    If you're unsure, try both ways for a decent period of time and see what works best. If you see good results from training them without weights, then go for it, it's obviously working.

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    If you're just beggining, don't use the weights. Get confortable first, then load them on.
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    I have found that doing abs without the weight has produced a little better results. To me it is easier to cheat with other parts of your body when you have weight. Thus not using your abs to their fullest potential. If weight is used start out very very light!!
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    If you are cheating with the weights, you are probably using too much weight,
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    Your aiming for a rep range with a ceratin intensity. if you need weights to get that intensity with X number of reps.

    So be it.

    The abs are like other muscles, to get hypertrophy you have to put resistance on them.
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    I would say with weights, but thats just what I think. Really worked well for me the past few months doing Nautilus machine crunches, etc.


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