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Thread: How many reps to bulk up?

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    How many reps to bulk up?

    I've heard different stories about how many reps of a heavy weight you should lift in order to build maximum muscle. These range from 5 to 15.....any ideas?

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    Generally most people train in the 4-8 area, if they are trying to build mass.

    I normally train my first set for about 6 reps, then strip the weight a little lighter and shoot for about 10 on the second.

    However, bear in mind the most important thing in building mass is eating enough quality food for you to grow

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    Yes, lower reps over time to accomodate an increasing load. It works wonders. There's no superior number of reps for hypertrophy, although generally speaking, the heavier the load and the longer the TUL the better.

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    I would say doing a rep range of 6-8 til failure will kick your mass into high gear. what worked extremely well for me is the first 2 sets of an exercise i do 6-8 reps, then i always go up on the 3rd and try for 4-6 at most. it definately gets you big.
    what kind of split do you have in mind and what kind of rep/set range are you thinking of??
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